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This fantastic publication covers everything from politics and belief in Viking Age Denmark, to experimental archaeology and the journey of the Sea Stallion. It also includes two chapters on the use of Viking branding in the past and in Denmark today…

'Wiking' is shop with building materials (e.g. paints, plasters, panels, wallpapers) located in Wolin, Poland.

More information about this shop can be found on shop's website:

The marble fountain in Oslo City Hall depicts Yggdrasill with the Norns at its base ready to water it, and the various animals that live in its branches. It was designed by Dagfin Werenskiold.

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A children's (0-4 yrs) picture book about Brian Boru's childhood adventures with the Vikings.
Will a cursed artifact ruin the Steampunk masquerade ball of the year? Find out in the latest adventure from The League of STEAM!

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Norse myth has become a staple influence of gaming, to the extent that it often features in minor ways in games with no plot-line linking it to the Norse gods - this legendary weapon named Gjallarhorn (after the horn associated with the God Heimdallr…

I found these two at Aldi Süd supermarket, Germany. They are chicken nuggets and salami aimed at children advertised with the German children's series "Wickie", an animated series about a clever Viking boy and his adventures.

A promoter in Viking dress (with horned helmet) directing customers to Leo Burdock fish and chips in Temple Bar. The restaurant appears to be capitalising on the Viking heritage of Dublin.

Graffiti in "runic style" font, advertising a Viking event in West Runton. If anyone knows what this event was, please do let us know!

This coin was issued in 2008 and features the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten, or the Sea Stallion from Glendalough.

On the gift table at a party in Jutland, Denmark: Jyde Mjød [Jutland Mead] from Dansk Mjød [Danish Mead]. 20.6%. Fermented honey with hops & bitter.
The Early Middle Ages, 284--1000 (HIST 210)

In the first part of this lecture, Professor Freedman discusses the emergence of the Vikings from Scandinavia in the ninth and tenth centuries. The Vikings were highly adaptive, raiding (the…

DR (Danish state broadcaster) news story 7th October 2016- 5cm 8th century Odin figure found August 2016 by amateur at Mesinge, Hindsholm, Funen, Denmark. Østfyn Museum: What looks like horns appears to be ravens Huginn og Muninn,

This type of…

Photograph of a Viking inscription in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. The Norse personal name -alftan (Halvdan) can be read here, but the rest of the runes are illegible. It is likely that they originally spelled out the Norse equivalent of 'Halvdan woz…

The bishop's chair from Heddal stave church dating from the 13th century.

A simple wooden chest in Vikingskipshuset. This chest would originally have held a sailor's possessions as well as being their seat while rowing. This chest contained grain and wild apples when it was found.

A comb on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo
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