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A tapestry decorating the interior of one of the reconstructed townhouses in Ribe VikingCenter. It was produced using authentic materials and techniques.For more information about the Center, see item #1007 and information about the weaver on the…

Viking-Age loom weights from Unst, Yell, Northmavine, Whalsay, Tingwall, Delting, Aithsting.

Alongside the tapestries, other textiles were found. These included woollen fabrics, silk, embroideries and tablet-woven bands.

Various tools for textile production, including fragments of woven baskets, wooden bowls, balls of yarn, tablets for weaving, beech wood needles, a slate sharpening stone, a piece of quartz, and pieces of beeswax.

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'Lady of the house' in thenth-century clothes weaving wool and linen in reconstructed pit-house on site of original pit-house. Reconstruction at excavation site now Vikingemuseet Århus, underneath Nordea Bank in city centre Århus Denmark. Original…

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Reconstructed pit-house at excavation site, now Vikingemuseet Århus, three metres underneath Nordea Bank in the centre of Århus Denmark. Original pit-house now at Moesgaard Museum Århus Denmark. Reconstruction includes 'lady of the house' weaving.…

A loom in the lobby of Quality Hotel Tonsberg. This loom is being used to weave sails for the replica of the Klastad ship that is being constructed outside the hotel.

Loom weights with stamps from keys or other marks of ownership. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Several loom weights excavated at Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Woolen fabric from excavations at Ribe Marketplace. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Weights and spindle whorls of lead from Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

The windward side of the sail, shrouds, mast. The sails are made from densely woven sheeps' wool dyed with ochre and treated with horse main fat. For more information see…

Detail of the weaving on Havhingten's sail. For more information see
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