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This is a group of reenactors dressed as Viking reenactors at the massive Battle of Clontarf Festival in April 2014. This item may be useful for anyone with an interest in how Vikings are portrayed at Living History and Reenactment events.

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A textile placemat in a series by Leif Thesen (Oslo), depicting a motif of the month of April based on the eleventh-century tapestry found in Baldishol church in Hedmark, Norway.

An Vlfberht sword
An account in The Guardian (27 December 2008) discusses how a modern collector had taken a sword thought to be made by the famous smith Ulfberht to the Wallace Collection, where it was found to be a fake. The sword was not of the same high quality as…

A basket of shield bosses
The largest of five mounds at Myklebust, Nordfjordeid, Sogn og Fjordane in Norway contained the remains of the largest Viking Age ship found in Norway. It was excavated in 1874 by Anders Lorange, just 14 years before he died. Excavators found the…

An illustration of a sword-guard recovered by a diver near Smalls Reef near Skomer island in Wales, and dating to c. 1100-1125. It is decorated with typical Insular Urnes style motifs.

An iron Viking sword with a short blade and a T-shape hilt, 9th or 10th century.
HCA 637

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A decorated bone knife-handle from the ninth or tenth century, possibly Viking.
HCA 636

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An iron axe-head, ninth or tenth century, from the Hunt Museum Collections.
HCA 638

Sixth-century pommel with ring from Åker, Vang in Hedemark dating to around the year 600. On display in the Historisk museum, Oslo

Swords on display at the Historisk museum, Oslo. Various dates (from the eighth to the tenth century) and various locations in Norway.

The Gilling Sword was found in a stream in Gilling West in 1976. It is on display at The Yorkshire Museum, York.

Objects found in a male Viking grave near Larne in 1840, in County Antrim. The grave dates from the 10th century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum. The objects include an iron sword, an iron spear-head and ferrule, a bronze…

Iron sword found in a male Viking grave near Larne in 1840, County Antrim. Grave dates from the 10th century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum.

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A cast of the Crucifixion Stone found on the Calf of Man in 1773 in he Sound Café & Visitor Centre. The original is held in the Manx Museum, Douglas. The stone has been dated to the Viking Age, most likely the 11th century. The portion of the stone…

A hiker found a Viking sword when he sat down to rest after a short fishing trip.

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A video that shows the process of making a reconstruction of the Langeid axe. A shorter videos shows the same but in English.

Souvenir magnetic Viking warrior for children, seen in Shetland Museum and Archives. The outfit is relatively accurate, with no horned helmet in sight!

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A selection of Viking Age swords on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo, Norway.

The Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo has six axes with bronze fittings on their shafts in its collections. The axes all date from the last part of the Viking Age, and there are photographs of them in the museum's online collections.

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From the website: 'The aim of this research project is thus to assess the extent to which the round shield can illuminate Viking Age martial practices. More specifically, the research employs a practice approach towards understanding Viking Age…
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