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A discussion about two-handed (Dane) axes, looking at typologies, and the evidence for their use.

The Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo has six axes with bronze fittings on their shafts in its collections. The axes all date from the last part of the Viking Age, and there are photographs of them in the museum's online collections.

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'This paper deals with archery in the Viking Age settlement of Birka and in particular the presence of Euro Asiatic, steppe nomadic archery equipment at the Birka Garrison and one Birka grave.'

A sword, axe, spearhead, fish hook, whetstone and other artefacts found during excavations in the 1930s at Kaupang in Skiringssal.

An Vlfberht sword
An account in The Guardian (27 December 2008) discusses how a modern collector had taken a sword thought to be made by the famous smith Ulfberht to the Wallace Collection, where it was found to be a fake. The sword was not of the same high quality as…
The following clip shows an attempt at reconstructing a Viking Age shield boss (type R564). The purpose of the forging was to better understand the various steps involved in shield boss construction processes by experimental archaeology.

This has…

Hilt of the one from three swords, which were found in Busdorf (Germany) situated in the west of Hedeby. This sword belong to the type S according to Petersen classification (Petersen J. 1919. De Norske Vikingesverd. En typologisk-kronologisk studie…

Hurstwic, LLC provides training services and related merchandise related to the research and practice of Viking-age combat as embodied in the innovative Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system

An illustration of a sword-guard recovered by a diver near Smalls Reef near Skomer island in Wales, and dating to c. 1100-1125. It is decorated with typical Insular Urnes style motifs.

Iron arrowhead from Christchurch Place, Dublin. Viking Age. Probably used for warfare rather than hunting. E122:13194

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Iron arrowhead from Christchurch Place, Dublin. Viking Age. Probably used for warfare rather than hunting. E122:15391

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Iron axe head with wooden handle from the River Robe, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. Viking Age. Wk. 1

Iron axehead from the Fishamble Street excavations. Viking Age. The axe is a distinctively Norse weapon of warfare. E 172:2421
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