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Borre Vikinglag is a group of Viking reenactors in Vestfold, Norway.

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Borrefylkingen is a reenactment group in Vestfold, Norway. The group focuses on Viking-Age warfare.

Possible wooden candlesticks. Their actual function is uncertain but it is thought that they were made to hold candles.

A Frankish glass goblet from the Borre mound burial. It is thought that the goblet must have been at least 100 years old when deposited in the Borre mound.

This burial chamber was constructed towards the stern of the Gokstad ship. A tall man in his 40s or 50s was buried in it. The chamber was covered with birch bark, and remnants of silk were found between the logs of the roof. The burial chamber…

The wooden top and bottom of a hunting knapsack. The fabric body has not survived. The lid has a horse carved into it.

An iron rattle from Vestfold in Norway.
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