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Amber Thor's hammer from Hedeby. It is currently exhibited in the Viking Museum Haithabu.
A video short about why Thor was not in Captain America: Civil War

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The coat of arms of Torsås kommun in Kalmar län, Sweden is a red Thor's hammer on a yellow background. The name of the Municipality means 'Thor's ridge'. Thor is a common element in placenames across the Norse world.

Thor is a company that makes soft apple drinks. Their logo is a Viking's head (Thor) with full beard and winged helmet. The website gives no clue as to why Thor was chosen as the brand identity for this drink.

Thors TipiBar.jpg
Thor's Tipi Bar is a pop-up Christmas bar that can be found in Sheffield, York and Leeds. It advertises itself as a friendly Viking bar where little Vikings are welcome, and uses the tagline 'Drink Feast Conquer Repeat'.

Eulogy on Þórr.pdf
An edition and translation of the skaldic poem Þórsdrápa ('Eulogy on Þórr') by the court poet Eilífr Goðrúnarson, whosepatron was Earl Hákon of Hlaðir. The edition and translation is…

Eulogy on the House.pdf
An edition and translation of the skaldic poemHúsdrápa ('Eulogy on the House') by the poetÚlfr Uggason (early 990s). The edition and translation is excerpted fromThe Longman Anthology of Old English, Old Icelandic, and…

An edition and translation of the skaldic 'shield' poemHaustlǫng (Harvest-Long) by poetÞjóðólfr of Hvinir, c. 900. The edition and translation is excerpted fromThe Longman Anthology of Old English, Old Icelandic, and…

The Thunderclap Ballad.pdf
An edition and translation of the Eddic poemÞrymskviða ('The Thunderclap Ballad'), detailing the theft and recovery of Thor's hammer, ed. and trans. Richard North. The edition and translation is excerpted fromThe Longman Anthology of Old…

This fountain depicting Thor riding his chariot pulled by his goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, is located in the centre of the Swedish town Torshälla, whose etymology derives from the elements Tor- (Thor) and -harg (stone alter / place of…

Thor in his chariot' is a frieze by Dagfin Werenskiold that is displayed outside Oslo City Hall together with eleven other friezes of his. The friezes are made of pine deck timber, impregnated with linseed oil, and then painted and gilded with gold…

The insignia of the 47th Infantry Division, whose units come from the states of Minnesota and North Dakota (with high levels of Scandinavian immigration). The insignia features a horned helmet, and a shield of Thor, apparently referring to the Marvel…

Since the founding of the club, kayaks at Vordingborg Ro- og Kajakklub (Rowing and Kayak Club) have traditionally been named after figures from Norse mythology, both well-known and more obscure.

This is a photo of the logo from a map produced by Tórshavar Havn (and shared with Tórshavn Municipality) depicting Mjǫllnir - the hammer owned by Thor. This references the fact that Tórshavn in the Føroyar was named after the Norse god (lit.…

M/V Thor Magni, a research/survey vessel, belonging to Thor Offshore which works with the oil industry. The company name is a direct reference to the Norse god Thor and is derived from "Hósvík", which means Thor's creek, where the company is based…

Several Newspapers reported on Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Gilliford, and his efforts to make a Thor's hammer and World-Serpent shaped breads for episode 3 of the 2016 series, including this article in the Telegraph

A photograph of the logo of motocross riding gear company 'Thor', seen in a shop in Dubin. For the company, see their website

The Eyrarland Statue is a small bronze seated figure, which is widely understood to represent Thor with his hammer. The original was found at Eyrarland near Akureyri and dates from the year 1000. It is housed in the National Museum of Iceland. These…

A stained glass Image of Thor found in the winter smoking room of Cardiff Castle. Designed by William Burges. Other windows in the room depict Tyr, Mani, Woden, Seater and Frigga.

Tors vei (Thor's Way), named for the god of thunder and smiter of giants.
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