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Advertising outside kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo. The posters feature the Gjermundbu helmet, treasure and a sword, thus evoking the Viking Age very strongly. The Viking Age exhibits within the museum are diverse, but the advertising focuses only on…

An Post Stamp featuring a 10th century Viking sword.jpg
An Post stamp issued in 2014 to celebrate the Battle of Clontarf anniversary, and depicting a tenth-century Viking sword from Christchurch Place, Dublin. The background is an image from the Annals of the Four Masters.

Openwork chape with Jellinge style decoration found at Coppergate, York. Now in The Yorkshire Museum. More information can be found at

Finds from a burial at Nordre Fevang. They include an 'Vlfberht' sword, a spearhead, an axe, arrowheads and a shield boss.

A sword, axe, spearhead, fish hook, whetstone and other artefacts found during excavations in the 1930s at Kaupang in Skiringssal.

An Vlfberht sword
An account in The Guardian (27 December 2008) discusses how a modern collector had taken a sword thought to be made by the famous smith Ulfberht to the Wallace Collection, where it was found to be a fake. The sword was not of the same high quality as…

Hilt of the one from three swords, which were found in Busdorf (Germany) situated in the west of Hedeby. This sword belong to the type S according to Petersen classification (Petersen J. 1919. De Norske Vikingesverd. En typologisk-kronologisk studie…

An illustration of a sword-guard recovered by a diver near Smalls Reef near Skomer island in Wales, and dating to c. 1100-1125. It is decorated with typical Insular Urnes style motifs.

Iron sword found in a male Viking grave near Larne in 1840, County Antrim. Grave dates from the 10th century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum.
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