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Fishamble street is one of the oldest streets in Dublin, and dates back to the Viking longphort, which was established as a permanent settlement by 841. Fishamble street was in the eastern side of the settlement, with Winetavern Street marking the…

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Egilsay is famous as the site of the martyrdom of St Magnus, and for the church that still stands on the site, with its unusual round tower. Egilsay may refer to the personal name Egil (Egil's Island) or to Gaelic eagles, meaning church. It was the…

This 'Welcome to Shetland' sign features a version of the Shetland coat of arms, including a Viking ship, and Shetland's motto 'Með lögum skal land byggja'. This is a normalised version of an Old Norse phrase from the Danish Jyske Lov meaning 'with…

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This is the entrance of Kirkwall Airport, Orkney. The placename Grimsetter is written in the runes "krimsitir" in the younger futhark. The new building was opened in 2002 and I have been told that M. P. Barnes advised on the correct use of the runes.
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