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This 'plaque', in a form of a dragon- snake-head, has been cast of bronze. Probably it was a part of a bigger find.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

Plaque marking the site of the Viking Age boat burial at Balladoole in the Isle of Man, which was a double burial of a man and a woman.See also items#2783and #2804

A strong fruity beer from Orkney that uses the Scar bone plaque as part of its image.

A set of runic bone pendants displayed on a wooden plaque that appears to be modeled on one in the National Museum of Ireland.

A tent opened up to become a shop at Tønsberg Viking Festival. It sells a variety of reproduction goods, including pendants, wooden plaques, beads and much more.

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The Scar Dragon Plaque is one of the most impressive of the finds from the Norse Scar Boat Burial, excavated in 1991. The grave contained the remains of an adult man, an elderly woman, and a child along with grave goods. The artefacts date to c. 875…

This plaque in Orkney indicates the location of St Olaf's Kirk in Kirkwall, from which Kirkwall may derive it's name.

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A whalebone plaque, possibly for smoothing linen. Discovered in excavations at Cherrywood, Co. Dublin, and dating to the ninth or tenth century. Similar plaques have been discovered elsewhere in the Viking World and are associated with high-status…

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This is a plaque outside the Sound Cafe overlooking the Calf Sound in the Isle of Man, commemorating the opening of the building by King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway. The plaque depicts a Viking longship from one of the Maughold stone crosses,…

A Viking variation on the common 'Always be yourself unless...' statement, seen in an Icelandic souvenir shop.

Memorial plaque reads: "In Commemoration of a Great Naval Battle fought with the Danes in Swanage Bay by Alfred the Great D877". For more information see here

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Walrus ivory plaque with beast motif, of Anglo-Saxon origin. Found in Fishamble Street, Dublin. E190: 7211
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