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A preview from an episode of Gargoyles featuring Odin.

People once thought that Vikings drank from the skulls of their enemies. This is a misunderstanding of Krákumál 25 where it states: 'drekkum bjór af bragði ór bjúgviðum hausa' 'drink beer at once from the…

A scholarly edition of the late Eddic (or Eddic-style) poem 'Hrafnagaldur Óðins' (Odin's Raven Spell) by Annette Lassen, for the Viking Society for Norther Research (2011). The edition is available to download as a PDF.

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A copy of a Viking-Age silver pendant excavated at Ribe, and interpreted as representing Odin. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Old Norse-Icelandic Literature Reading List 2.docx
Essay Title: ‘There is ample evidence in the eddic corpus of a distinct genre of Odinic wisdom dialogue. The poems belonging to this genre are uniform in their themes and formulaic in their execution.’ Discuss.

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Schorn's thesis on Old Norse wisdom poetry. The thesis is downloadable at the link for this item.

Schorn, B. E. (2012). 'How can his word be trusted?': speaker and authority in Old Norse wisdom poetry (doctoral thesis).

One of four early Viking-Age picture stones from Stora Hammars in Gotland, featuring scenes of battle, and imagery interpreted as having a mythical or religious referent. Dated to c. 550 - 799AD.For a series of high res images, see…

Based on the design on the Mask Stone from Aarhus (Rune stone DR 66).

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An IT company trading on the name of Odin. Nothing on the website explains why they have chosen the Norse god's name for their company.
A short cartoon about how Odin created the world. Not entirely accurate but introduces some basic concepts. This video is part of a series by KeltieCochrane about Norse mythology.

Sailing Boat 'Odin' found at Germaniahafen in Kiel.

Tugboat 'Odin' moored in Kiel, Germany.

Technical description of the ship:

Odins Haddeby is the cafe, restaurant and beer garden located in the vicinity of the Hedeby Viking Museum.

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Two autonomous submarines produced by Kongsberg Maritime are named Hugin ('thought') and Munin ('mind') after Odin's ravens, which brought him information.

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A textile placemat in a series by Leif Thesen (Oslo), depicting Odin riding Sleipnir

A camper van decorated with an image of Odinn.

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Strong beer brewed by Ørbæk Bryggeri in Denmark, with mead added. The label features an image widely interpreted as Odin from the left side of the Vendel 1 helmet from a seventh-century ship burial.

A shrine to Odin at the Danelaw Centre for Living History

A type of Norwegian flatbread made using potato flour so that it is gluten-free. It is made by Biri flatbrødfabrikk. There is no known connection between the god Odin and this flatbread.

Odin on Sleipnir' is a frieze by Dagfin Werenskiold that is displayed outside Oslo City Hall together with eleven other friezes of his. The friezes are made of pine deck timber, impregnated with linseed oil, and then painted and gilded with gold or…
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