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The shoulder-sleeve and shoulder loop insignia of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) from this high-school in Bulter, GA. They feature a horned helmet and battle axes, and a viking warrior emerging from a viking ship respectively.…

Bar named after the Vikings in this small town in A Coruña, near Santiago de Compostela. The Vikings did reach this part of Galicia, first raiding the coast in the mid ninth century, but the connection to the Vikings in this specific town is not…

These sherbet glasses are part of the Viking range produced by the Dema Glass company in Chesterfield, England (no longer in operation). Their logo was a viking ship, as pictured here.

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan). This tenth-century King of Denmark famously…

Furniture shop in Lerwick, Shetland incorporating a small Viking figure with horned helmet in the logo. Their advert reads 'Delivering furniture is much easier these days'.

A boat with the name 'Viking' and an image of a horned helmet. Seen on Regent's Canal in Hackney. The name Viking is a popular one for boats, particularly in the UK.

Dansk Mjød is a brewer in Billund, Denmark that produces mead and mead-based products including beer, mustard and bitters.

Viking branded cafe / restaurant in Nijmegen with a sketch of a horned helmet and mustache as its logo.

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From Contributor: "This is a great group of people I have the privilege of working with this summer, they are from the Tsilhqot’in Nation in western B.C. Canada, and although First Nation / Viking contact may be limited to brand logos on safety…

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The insignia of the 147th Finance Battalion of the US Army features a horned viking helmet, referencing their linear connection to the 47th infantry division. Minnesota is an area of the US with high levels of historic immigration from Scandinavia.…

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The insignia of this US Army infantry battalion, featuring a Viking ship and two knives. According to the official website "The Viking ship symbolizes the activation in Iceland as part of the 2nd Battalion Combat Team."

Unit insignia for the 94th Cavalry Regiment, which features the motto 'Viking Vanguard'. The connection is probably with Minnesota, where the regiment is based, and the high levels of Scandinavian immigration to this region of the US.

Ales produced by Einstök ölgerð, and featuring a viking with beard and horned helmet on the label (the Einstök logo).

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The emblem of the 440th Airlift Wing of the US Airforce contains a "winged viking helmet" in its design.

The logo for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology is a bind rune made up of the initials of Harald Bluetooth's name using the runes of the younger futhark: ᚼ (H) (Hagall) and ᛒ (B) (Bjarkan), as explained in the exhibition at Kongernes…

'Faxe' is Royal Unibrew's strategic export brand, and features a Viking with horned helmet as its logo. This photo was taken in Italy, by Kathryn Maude.

Gamalost (lit. 'old cheese') is a traditional cheese from Norway, made with skimmed cow's milk. It has a long pedigree, and this product claims it goes back to the Vikings. It uses interlace artwork on the packaging to reinforce this fact. Tine SA is…

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Cheese from Iceland and produced by Dala, which is named Höfðingi ('chieftain'), and features both a Viking and runes of the older futhark.

Holger Danske is ubiquitous in Denmark, even in the name of a removals company.

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Holger Danske is a blended pipe tobacco which refers to the figure of Holger Danske (the legendary Danish hero) and includes a Viking ship logo.
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