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From Laxdæla Saga: "Guðrún was dressed in a kirtle of rám-stuff, and a tight-fitting woven bodice, a high bent coif on her head, and she had tied a scarf round her with dark-blue stripes, and fringed at the ends. Helgi Harðbeinsson went up to…

Week 7 lecture handout Laxdœla saga.pdf
Handout on Laxdœla saga saga (The Saga of the People of Laxárdalr) by Joanne Shortt Butler, including extracts from the saga, a family tree and reading list.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-15 om 09.25.38.png
A discussion of the naming of ships in medieval and modern times after the Viking Age woman Auður djúpúðga in Iceland.

If an episode of the BBC series “Who do you think you are?” was devoted to Auðr djúpúðga (‘deep-minded’), where would the journey lead to? A short essay on Auðr djúpúðga (‘deep-minded’).

Tone Holte
Blog post about modern adaptations of Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)úðga's story to song and theatre plays by the Norwegian Tone Holte and her group Lyra fra Norden.

Book review of Alan Boucher’s "The Land Seekers" which is a modern twist on Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga's story told from the point of view of her grandson and his friend.

Book Review of "Urmutter Unn. Geschriften um altnordische Frauen" ('Foremother Unn. History of an Old-Norse woman') by Lydia Kath.

Book Review of Sophie Rogge-Börner’s Von nordischen Frauen, Königen und Bauern (‘Of Nordic Women, Kings and Peasants’) and Gisela Wenz-Hartmann’s Lebensbilder germanischer Frauen (‘Portraits of Germanic Women’) with special attention to…

A book review of the modern take on Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)úðga's story entitled 'Audssoga om "Aud den Djuptenkte." En historisk roman' by Anders Syltevik.

Items from Sofie Vanherpen's Blog centred around her PhD-project on Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)úðga Ketilsdóttir (9th Century).
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