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Personal items including keys, pins and tools from excavations at Ribe Marketplace. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Woodworking axes from Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Iron nails surviving from a wagon used as a coffin in Ribe Viking Museum. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Finds from a vǫlva's grave in Köpingsvik, Öland. There is an 82 cm long wand of iron with bronze details and a unique model of a house on the top. There is also a pitcher from Persia or Central Asia, and a West European bronze bowl. Dressed in a…

On the photo are iron Thor's hammer and small, bronze axehead.

These amulets have been found in Århus (Árós in the Viking Age). Currently they are displayed on permanent exhibition in the Moesgård Museum.

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Scales and other finds from a site near Steinkjer in Norway show that this was an important trading town. These are the first finds in the area to confirm what is written in the sagas.

A Viking-Age stirrup in The Yorkshire Museum, York

The Gilling Sword was found in a stream in Gilling West in 1976. It is on display at The Yorkshire Museum, York.

An iron stirrup and a silvered spur. The museum information board notes that the Vikings probably introduced spurs and stirrups to Ireland, and that this pair are among the earliest known from Ireland.

A chisel, a punch and two iron files are evidence of everyday activities in Dublin in the Viking Age. These were all found in Fishamble Street.

Rattles were found with each of the carved animal heads. Their function is uncertain, but it has been suggested that they might have been musical instruments, sleigh bells or cult objects used in religious rituals.

The image shows strap mounts on the left, a dog collar (centre) with wooden whistles on either side of it, and the remains of a dog leash on the far right.

Cooking utensils from the Oseberg ship burial. These include an iron cauldron with tripod, pot stirrers, a frying pan, a knife and a bowl.

A pine bucket with an iron handle. It was originally bound with hoops of beech wood. The bucket has a runic inscription that says 'Sigrid owns'.
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