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3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far right is probably from 1980's. The magnets are classic examples of the stereotypical Viking with…

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The shoulder-sleeve and shoulder loop insignia of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) from this high-school in Bulter, GA. They feature a horned helmet and battle axes, and a viking warrior emerging from a viking ship respectively.…

Bar named after the Vikings in this small town in A Coruña, near Santiago de Compostela. The Vikings did reach this part of Galicia, first raiding the coast in the mid ninth century, but the connection to the Vikings in this specific town is not…

'Wiking' is shop with building materials (e.g. paints, plasters, panels, wallpapers) located in Wolin, Poland.

More information about this shop can be found on shop's website:

A promoter in Viking dress (with horned helmet) directing customers to Leo Burdock fish and chips in Temple Bar. The restaurant appears to be capitalising on the Viking heritage of Dublin.

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Souvenir "Viking" horned helmets, with outlandish designs for sale in a gift shop in Ribe, Denmark.

A billboard for the new Underground line in Berlin, featuring a Hertha (Berlin football team) supporter with a Viking style supporter's hat.

A small boat named Oden, with a stylised Viking head with beard and horned helmet. Seen on the canal in central Amsterdam.

A small boat named Viking, with a stylised Viking head with beard and horned helmet. Seen on the canal in central Amsterdam.

Furniture shop in Lerwick, Shetland incorporating a small Viking figure with horned helmet in the logo. Their advert reads 'Delivering furniture is much easier these days'.

The Nordic Ice brand uses a stereotypical Viking with a horned helmet as its logo. It is made by Temperatsure.

A boat with the name 'Viking' and an image of a horned helmet. Seen on Regent's Canal in Hackney. The name Viking is a popular one for boats, particularly in the UK.

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A T-Shirt design featuring a skull with horned helmet, under the label 'Copenhagen'. Seen in Copenhagen airport.

An activity from DLTK's Crafts for Kids, which features many downloadable activities for children. To download the template, click here

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A hand dryer in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. The company uses a Viking warrior in the colours of the Danish flag as their logo. Naturally, the figure has a horned helmet.

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These souvenir steins include typical images associated with the Vikings: horned helmets, weapons, viking ships, and beards! Seen in Copenhagen airport.

A souvenir from Copenhagen drawing on the misconception of horned helmets as a recognisable symbol of Denmark

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Trolls with horned helmets and a shield with Danish flag design. Souvenir seen in Copenhagen airport.

Viking branded cafe / restaurant in Nijmegen with a sketch of a horned helmet and mustache as its logo.

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A souvenir snow-globe with a viking warrior with horned helmet within a globe supported by a horned helmet. Seen in Copenhagen airport.
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