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A silver fibula in the form of a woman with a shield and sword. This has been identified as a Valkyrie, although it may be a shieldmaiden.

Caitlin hand Dryer.jpg
A hand dryer in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. The company uses a Viking warrior in the colours of the Danish flag as their logo. Naturally, the figure has a horned helmet.

Viking History Tapestry (Whole).jpg
The tapestries in the Christiansborg Palace depict 1100 years of Danish history from the Viking Age through to the year 2000. These images are of the Viking Age tapestry, and include detail showing Thor.

DSC02483 (1280x960).jpg
A souvenir snow-globe with a viking warrior with horned helmet within a globe supported by a horned helmet. Seen in Copenhagen airport.

DSC02482 (1280x960).jpg
A souvenir snow-globe with a troll drinking from a flagon and sporting a horned helmet and axe, next to a small viking ship. Seen in Copenhagen airport.

DSC02468 (1280x960).jpg
A T-Shirt design featuring a skull with horned helmet, under the label 'Copenhagen'. Seen in Copenhagen airport.

A bike store in Copenhagen using Viking in its name, though the connection with the Viking past is not entirely clear.

2013-08-11 10.21.55.jpg
The National Museum of Denmark is Denmark's state museum. It oversees various other museums around Denmark and has a digital collection that can be searched.

Detail of the Gallehus horn (1980 replica)
Detail of the runic inscription on the 1980 replica of one of the Gallehus horns (DR 12 / DK SJy60) in Nationalmuseet, København.
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