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On the photo are iron Thor's hammer and small, bronze axehead.

These amulets have been found in Århus (Árós in the Viking Age). Currently they are displayed on permanent exhibition in the Moesgård Museum.

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Woodworking axes from Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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A discussion about two-handed (Dane) axes, looking at typologies, and the evidence for their use.

The Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo has six axes with bronze fittings on their shafts in its collections. The axes all date from the last part of the Viking Age, and there are photographs of them in the museum's online collections.

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Iron axes, scrapers, and clinker nails associated with ship building or repair in Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

The Rose Window features a version of the coat of arms of Lerwick, with several elements of Norse heritage incorporated: the Viking ship with dragon prows, the battle-axe and the raven (the latter associated with Odin and an important symbol in Norse…

Finds from a burial at Nordre Fevang. They include an 'Vlfberht' sword, a spearhead, an axe, arrowheads and a shield boss.

A sword, axe, spearhead, fish hook, whetstone and other artefacts found during excavations in the 1930s at Kaupang in Skiringssal.

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Iron axe head with wooden handle from the River Robe, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. Viking Age. Wk. 1

Iron axehead from the Fishamble Street excavations. Viking Age. The axe is a distinctively Norse weapon of warfare. E 172:2421

A Norse settlement at Unst is recorded in Canmore. The website includes photographs of the site and some detail about it. Finds from the site include a Viking Age comb and axe.

Detail of the statue of Leif Ericson, overlooking Qassiarsuk in Southern Greenland by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

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Wooden toy axes and swords in a gift shop in Ribe. The Viking history of the town is important for the tourist industry.

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A video that shows the process of making a reconstruction of the Langeid axe. A shorter videos shows the same but in English.

Viking axe-head in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. Photo taken during the Languages, Myths and Finds workshop on handling artefacts.
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