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"Vikingen" - Isländsk man i vikingadräkt vid Ármannsfell, Þingvellir, Island
("The Viking" - Icelandic man in Viking costume at Ármann Fell, Thingvellir , Iceland.)

Note the lack of horns on the helmet, but outlandish spear and belt buckle.

Postcard from 1900 featuring the younger Jelling stone, DR 42. The inscription reads: Jelling. Runstenen med Dragebilledet og det ældste Kristusbillede i Norden (Jelling: The rune stone with dragon design and the oldest depiction of Christ in…
This scene is extracted from "The Big Broadcast of 1938" which is a Paramount film featuring W.C. Fields and Bob Hope. Directed by Mitchell Leisen, the film is the last in a series of Big Broadcast movies that were variety show anthologies.
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